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April 2021 Bee Grafting Results

Once the bee larva is grafted into the cell cup, the queenless hive does their magic. If the larva is the right age and the started hive is accepting, the bees will start the queen rearing process.

You can see that the bees are clinging to some of the cells. They have accepted them. They have a good chance of becoming a queen. The once that have no activity will not produce a queen.

The next process it to install the grafting bar to a finisher hive, A finisher hive is a queen right hive that has the queen contained in the lower box. The nurse bees will nurture the just grafted cells. The queen is confined to the lower box.

If the queen was able to get to the cells, she would destroy them. This is her hive! No other queens allowed!

The next step in the process is to check when they are capped.

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