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Why Should I Rescue Honeybees


  1. 80% of all plants on our Mother Earth require insect pollination Honeybees are the primary source of that pollination 

  2. 35% of the food on your table is completely dependent on  Honeybee pollination

  3. Honeybee are under tremendous environmental stress from systemic pesticides in our soil, air and water, every hive is important.

  4. Pest Control Exterminations introduces  chemicals and pesticides into  your home and the environment.

  5. Extermination in lieu of Rescues  leave contaminated comb and honey in the environment  that make it's way back into our food supply

  6. Rescuing  feral hives  and placing them in managed hives with a strong queen, creates a healthy colony , with good temperament.


      For Rescues:  If you can safely take a picture, please email it to me, along with your location (city), and                       anything else you think relevant. Please include your phone number.

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