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Our Friendly Privacy Promise


Hey there! At Gees Bees we're all about keeping things sweet and simple, just like our honeybees. Here's our promise to you: We won't sell your info. Seriously, it's as plain and simple as that.

How We Roll:

We collect some info from you when you buzz around our site or use our services, but rest assured, it's only to make your experience better. Your personal deets stay safe and sound with us.

Fort Knox Security (Well, Almost):

We've got your back when it comes to keeping your info safe. Our digital fort is guarded by the friendliest bees around, and only authorized folks get past the hive.

Links and Cookies (Not the Edible Kind):

We might sprinkle a few digital cookies here and there to improve your browsing experience, but you can always say no thanks. Plus, if we link you to any other sites, just know we can't control what they're up to in their corner of the web.


Every now and then, we might tweak this privacy thing. We'll keep you posted, though. No surprises here!

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