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Beehive Distribution Program in VA is Back

This FREE program is how I first got my start!

The Beehive Distribution Program in Virginia is set to accept applications from August 28, 2023, through September 12, 2023. During this application period, eligible individuals in the Commonwealth of Virginia can apply

to receive equipment for the construction of new beehives. The program aims to support beekeeping and promote pollinator health.

Key details of the program include:

  1. Eligibility: Residents of Virginia who are 18 years of age or older at the time of application are eligible to apply.

  2. Application Process: Starting on August 28, 2023, interested individuals can access an online application form on the program's webpage. The link to the application will be provided on the program's webpage.

  3. Beehive Units: Applicants have the opportunity to receive up to three (3) beehive units per year. However, the program specifies that no more than three (3) beehive units will be distributed per household.

  4. Random Selection: Recipients of the beehive units will be chosen at random from among the qualifying applications. This random selection process ensures fairness and equal opportunity for participants.

The program helps to encourage beekeeping and supporting individuals interested in maintaining beehives for pollination and environmental conservation. It's a noteworthy initiative that can contribute to the health of bee populations and ecosystems in Virginia.

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