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BetterComb Deep Comb

Fully drawn comb, ready for your bees to use.

I purchased a box of these from Betterbee. The cost (7/2019) was $59.95 for a box of 10.

I found them to be of great quality. The cells seem to be well formed and sturdy.

They need to have some type of support. They recommend : To install the comb into your frame, simply press the frame over the comb, align, and pin with wooden toothpicks (frame and toothpicks not included).

I found that if you wire your frames and put battery current through the wires, The wax will melt and the comb will adhere to it.

From the website:

BetterComb is a completely drawn comb made of food-grade, virgin, synthetic wax, similar in composition to beeswax. Unlike regular foundation, BetterComb does not need to be drawn out by the bees. When installed into a deep frame (not included), the frame is ready for the bees to use. BetterComb provide bees instant access to space for brood or nectar without needing time and resources to draw out comb.
There are significant advantages to using drawn comb over standard foundation. BetterComb can significantly benefit both packages and nucleus colonies. When packages are first installed in a hive, they must draw out comb before raising brood. By allowing immediate egg laying, BetterComb encourages rapid brood production, which increases the colony’s productivity. Similarly, when nucleus colonies are first installed in their hives, the bees may begin storing nectar in the brood nest of the nuc, as it may be the only space available. If the brood area becomes plugged with nectar, the colony’s swarming impulse can be triggered. BetterComb gives bees built-out space to expand.

Check out their website HERE

I will update when it is installed.

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