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Cleaning Old Frames For Spring

It’s February, which means that it’s time to start turning the beekeeping wheel in preparation for the season. This week was spent cleaning and reusing old wax frames in hopes that we get more use out of them. Reusing wax frames is a great way to save money. As stated in the video, every frame is about two dollars. Now this might seem like an insignificant amount, but when dealing with many frames and hives at a time, two dollars can quickly add up to a pretty big sum. 

Cleaning the old frames is not hard. They just take a scraper, some elbow grease, and some time. In this case the scraper in question is an old putty knife which is used to scrape off the old beeswax so that bees are able to create their own hives to store the honey. A putty knife is a great tool to use for this task but anything (preferably) metal, flat, and rigid will do the trick, of course your hive tool will work.

Having something to do weekly is also a great way to stay productive and keep one’s mind on beekeeping, especially with the new season just around the corner. As the wheel begins to turn, many tasks will soon emerge faster than one might think. Having at least one thing to do a week, we find, keeps the mind prepared for these various chores. As a result, the handling of the tasks seemingly falls into place allowing for an easier execution.   

~Written by Jack Geslock About the Author: Jack Geslock is a graduate of University of Lynchburg where he minored in Writing/English and Business Management. Jack is passionate about writing clear and concise content. He is an author passionate about helping individuals and organizations optimize their time and achieve their goals. Connect with Jack at

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