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Feb 2022 Quick Hive Check

Hey everyone!

Its been a LONG and DARK winter. My updates have been sparse. its February 2022 and its time to get back on track.

In Virginia today it was 67 degrees. It was a great day to observe any activity at the bee yard. Today I just wanted to just see what's going on. As nice as it was, I wanted really, really, really badly (did I tell you how much I wanted to .....!) open my hives to peak in.

With as much strength as I could muster, I didn't! I knew that the weather is still going to be cold the next few days. They are calling for possible snow. Keep those tops on!!

I have 16 hives in this out yard. I was please to see activity in 11 out of 16. "They" ( whoever they are) say to expect a winter loss of 40%. I am really pleased!

You will see in one of the sections of the video that an entrance reducer was dislodged. I chose to leave it than replace it. I wanted to leave them alone. If we get a good period of weather, I may try to wiggle it back in place.

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