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Forest Hill Woodworking Beekeeping Woodenware: Quality Supplies from Paradise, PA

For those familiar with Forest Hill Woodworking in Paradise, PA, you'll understand why I'm such a big fan. Ike and his family have been crafting beekeeping equipment for years, specializing in high-quality woodenware. As someone who relies on their products, I typically make an annual trip to replenish my supplies. However, it's advisable to call ahead to ensure your desired items are in stock, given that they produce their own woodenware.

To check availability or place an order, you can reach them at 717-806-0193 for sales, order online, or send your order via fax to 717-806-0195. While credit cards are accepted, they prefer cash or check. Note that Forest Hill Woodworking is closed on Tuesdays, and there are no Sunday sales. Alternatively, you can find their products online at

Below, you'll find the 2024 price list. Additionally, there's a link provided for downloading the PDF version for your convenience.

It's never too early to get your bee gear ready for the season!

Here is a video when I went up a few years ago.

2024 Price List

2024 Price List
Download • 1.67MB

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