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Internal Bee Feeders Raft vs Ceracell

Here is a quick look at 2 different internal feeders that can be used for bee hives.

Internal bee feeders are devices or structures designed to provide supplementary food to honeybee colonies within the hive. They serve several purposes, mainly focused on supporting bee colonies during periods of food scarcity or when they need an extra nutritional boost.

Bees require nectar and pollen as their primary sources of nutrition. However, there are times when natural food sources are limited, such as during the winter or in regions with dry spells. Internal bee feeders allow beekeepers to provide artificial sugar syrup as an alternative food source to sustain the colony during these lean periods.

When natural food sources are scarce, bees may be forced to travel long distances to find food, which can lead to increased stress and susceptibility to predation. Internal feeders keep the food source within the hive, reducing the need for bees to forage far from home.

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