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Making 1:1 Sugar Syrup - A Prototype

If you have ever made sugar water for beekeeping, you know what it is a sticky mess!

I have used the 3 gallon water jugs ( the 5 gallon ones are too heavy to lift up to fill feeders). I have used 5 gallon buckets and a paint stirrer on a drill. all of them are time consuming and sticky mess.

I was looking for a solution that I could mix the syrup and maybe pump it directly to the feeders. I have an out yard and there is no electricity there. The mixer will have to be self contained and be somewhat portable.

I was at my local bee store and was speaking to the owner John. He showed me what he had built and uses at his store. He was very free with his knowledge and shared the improvements that he made.

I took what he had and made it work for what I needed.

I would like to introduce to you.......

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