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Mites don't kill bees..... ok... then what are these?

There is only one thing that a novice, adept, and master beekeeper have in common, mites. Mites can be disastrous to a hive and can kill off many of your bees, preventing the flow of honey and ultimately money for your business. 

Mites are a parasite that latch onto your bees and cause irreparable and irreversible damage to them. If they happen to latch onto the larvae before it is fully grown then the bee would come out deformed and unable to work for the hive. As a result, the old bees who are ready to retire do not have fresh replacements coming in. Since there is not enough food production for the hive the bees begin to die off, ultimately leading to an empty hive and no honey. 

“Well if this is so disastrous how can we get rid of them?” One might ask. Well there isn’t a cure-all that saves the bees from the mites. Now there are ways to treat them, but many have different pros and cons and can lead to much time and money loss, not to mention the loss of bee life. Simply put, if you have mites, be prepared for a storm. With that being said, all we can do is to check for mites in hopes that we catch it early before it does any disastrous damage like the video above. 

In conclusion, mites are a problem for bees almost anywhere in the world. If you find that they have infested your hive, then be ready to take the next steps in treating them. Constant and routine checking is pretty much the only way to make sure mites aren’t much of a problem. Stay safe and good luck!

~Written by Jack Geslock

About the Author: Jack Geslock is a graduate of University of Lynchburg where he minored in Writing/English and Business Management. Jack is passionate about writing clear and concise content. He is an author passionate about helping individuals and organizations optimize their time and achieve their goals. Connect with Jack on LinkedIn

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