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My queens have emerged!

This was an exciting day!

These 3 cells were put into a queenless hive. I made a 3 frame mating nuc up 2 days ago. The bees there are in a panic mode since they do not have a queen. When the queen emerges, they will accept her as their own.

There are still some hurdles that must be overcome for this to be successful.

  • The virgin queen must go out and successfully mate. The weather is a big factor. It its going to rain, she may not venture out.

  • She must return. I know that that sounds silly. She must set her bee GPS to know where home is. She must avoid all the bee eating insects and birds.

  • She must begin to lay. The average time from egg to hatching for a worker bee is 21 days.

I will watch these hives and monitor the progress. It is very important to keep records so you know what to expect in your apiary.

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