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Not on the MLS and not on Zillow!

For sale by owner in highly sought after neighborhood (yours).

This wonderful three-story, 8 frame home is a throwback to when craftsmanship was king. It will fit in any neighborhood whether it is in the middle of the city, the suburbs or even an estate. It is in move in condition and is truly is fit for a Queen (yep, I said it).

Newly renovated with a fresh coat of paint. The ample front porch (landing board) is perfect after a long day of foraging and nectar gathering or even just to hang out on those warm summer nights with 250 of your best friends.

With its designed entrance gate (mouse guard), Mus Musculus will not be allowed entry. Don’t worry, the entrance can be reduced to help the on-premise security forces (guard bees) keep unwelcome visitors away.

The first two levels offer an open floor plan with ease of movement. The nursery can be built on either level. You supply the frames and make this home a hive. In no time, you will hear the pitter patter of new bees walking around any frame.

The beautiful pantry (honey super) is medium in size. There is enough room in this elegant and spacious box to feed 10,000 hungry mouths. There is plenty of room to store all your winter supplies. It even comes with a queen excluder to keep her in the 2 lower levels.

The gourmet kitchen (top feeder), has just been renovated and has plenty of space at the floating rafts for a quick breakfast, a full family meal or a late-night snack.

The basement (bottom board) has just been renovated with a new board that slides to help those pesky small hive beetles fall out.

Recent home inspection notes slight damage to the corner of the roof. The inspector says that it should still last many years and no need to replace it.

Unfortunately, the owners will not accept an offer with a financing contingency, as they have already found their home of choice and have moved into a luxurious 10 frame hive.

If you know anything about the real estate market hives of this type do not come on the market that often.

Make a bee line to your phone and text me to purchase this beauty. Mark 540-842-7500 $75

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