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Open Feeding Bees - Pros and Cons

Open feeding bees is a very simple way to feed your bees. All you really need is a container, syrup and something for the bees to stand on so they don't drown.

I used a food grade bucket as the container. If its OK for me to eat out of it, then it has to be OK for the bees.

I have tried several different "rafts" to keep the bees out of the syrup. None of them are fool proof. The device I currently like is a called "Bucket Bee Raft" it is made by Revolutionary Hives. Several of the major bee suppliers have it. Here is a link to their website. I found if I put in some some grass or hay, it really helps with drowning.

There are issues with open feeding. The biggest one is everybody is invited to eat, This could lead to yellow jackets, hornets or other critters to help themselves.

Here is my experience with open feeding.

I still believe that it is a viable option.

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