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Package Install

There are several theories on package bees. I believe that they can thrive and be very productive. It helps them get started if they are put on comb and if you have some old frames of honey.

Here in Virginia, the weather can be very wonky, 80° one day and 25° at night. Be cautious of filling a syrup feeder full. If we get a cold snap, the syrup could freeze and the bees could die. I only put what was left from the can into the feeder. I plan on checking the weather and filling depending on what the forecast is.

I also recommend putting a pollen patty in the hive. I only put a 2x2 square in there. It gives them a head start until the foragers can find fresh pollen. Hive beetles LOVE pollen patties. Keep a close eye on them. If you see hive beetles, remove them.

Of course there are many ways to install package bees, this is what works for me.

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