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Swarms, Swarm Cells and Bees, oh my

Where do I even start?

This was my second hive Inspection of the season. I've noticed some swarm cells at the bottom but did not Want to believe that they were really there.

I was working several of the other hives and I noticed that there was a lot of activity in front of one of them. I thought that perhaps they were just agitated and maybe they were taking a lot of orientation flights.

But I was totally incorrect...... I got a knock on my door and my neighbor had said I think I have your bees. It took me a second because how could she have my bees.....?

Then she showed me her phone. Yep they look like my bees. They had wings, and stingers and eyes. They look just like my bees......

I got my bee suit get up and toolbox and a way I went.

It was very unusual that they were very low in the ground. Most the time they go up in a branch. I was able to brush them into my bee box. I let it sit for a few hours and the rest of the marsh right in.

I took them back to my bee yard and put them in a new box and added a feeder for them to get started. I had some extra comb so the box smelled like a be home.

Watch the video below for my adventure.

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