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The Beehive Smoker - Tools of the trade

If you know me, you just may say that the only reason i got into bee keeping is because I got to get another smoker. I have to say that i was kinda excited when I found out about them!

The smoke form the smoker calms the bees down and makes them less aggressive when you do hive inspections. Think of it like this, someone is ripping the roof out of your house and peeking down at you. Wouldn't you like something to calm your nerves?

A few puffs of smoke does wonders for a colony’s disposition. The bees disappear between the frames where they are out of harm’s way and out of your way. You can easily move frames, stack and re-stack boxes, inspect the brood nest, and scrape propolis without the fear of harming your bees. It is better for the bees because you are less likely to harm them. It also means you can get your work done more quickly, which is a plus for them as well as for you.

You can read more HERE at the Honey Bee Suite

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