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The Word Headquarters is back!

After a normal 2020, Green Hill Farm now has bees!

I have 13 medium nucs that will be used for a mating yard.

  • For those that don't remember, medium refers to the frame size. Medium frames are 6-1/4 inches each and medium frame can hold about 4 pounds of honey. A medium frame is 35 x 90 cells, or about 3100 cells per side. With 2 sides per frame, that's about 6,200 bees per full frame.

  • A nuc refers to a "nucleus colony". That is usually a box that holds 5 frames.

In 2021 I am going to raise queen bees, This gives me the chance to have local queens that have the traits that I am looking for.

Stay tuned for updates. If you want to see more, head to Gee's Bees YouTube page HERE

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