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Time to check hives....?

As the days lengthen and signs of spring emerge, beekeepers face the perennial question: Is it time to check the hives? In USDA Hardiness Zone 7a, where cold nights persist even as the season hints at change, the timing is crucial. Opening hives prematurely risks disturbing the delicate balance of the colony, especially when temperatures still plummet after sunset.

The bees have clustered on the top.

But fear not, for technology comes to the rescue in the form of FLIR cameras. These thermal imaging devices offer a non-invasive solution to peek into the hive without subjecting our buzzing friends to the chill of early spring air. With a FLIR camera, beekeepers can assess hive activity and monitor temperature differentials within the colony, all from a safe distance.

This hive has no bees in it.

By harnessing the power of thermal imaging, we can ensure our bees' well-being while respecting the rhythms of nature. The FLIR camera provides valuable insights, allowing us to make informed decisions about hive management without compromising the hive's stability or exposing bees to unnecessary risks.

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