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Who stole my honey?

Bees are lazy! They will come in your front door, bum rush your guard bees and sit in your pantry and eat all of your honey!

Its sad but its true.

If not caught soon enough, the hove will not have enough food to last the winter. The hive will not be able to reproduce enough bees to sustain itself.

I have installed a robbing screen. This should help the hive defend from the raiders

form the next hive.

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Aug 20, 2019

So, how do YOU know which bees belong to the hive. I can understand how the bees know...maybe some sort of internal DNA detector or something similar. Why do the invading bees not just start their own hive? It very much appears those vigilant bees of yours need a neighborhood watch program in addition to their guard bees. 😊

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