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Woodenware Preparation for Beekeeping Success

Preparing bee boxes, also known as woodenware, for winter is crucial to ensure the well-being and survival of honeybee colonies. Here's a step-by-step guide on what needs to be done to prep the bee boxes:

1. Hive Inspection: Begin by conducting a thorough inspection of each hive box. Check for signs of wear, damage, or rot. Replace any compromised components to maintain the structural integrity of the bee boxes. Check all components.

2. Remove Excess Propolis and Debris: Clean each box by removing excess propolis and debris. A clean hive promotes better airflow and reduces the risk of diseases. Ensure that frames can be easily removed without being stuck together by propolis.

3. Exterior Protection: Consider applying a protective layer to the exterior of the bee boxes. Non-toxic paints or sealants designed for beehives can provide an additional layer of defense against winter weather, preventing wood deterioration. If you paint now, the paint smell will have time to go away. REMEMBER - do not paint the insides of the box. If the bees live on it, it does not get painted.

All of these things will help make your spring a success!

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